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Congressional Research Services Reports: Home

This guide points to sources of Congressional Research Services. Many, but not all, are available for free.

CRS Sources

The Congressional Research Service is an agency of the Library of Congress which provides detailed background information for members of Congress and their staff. Inquiries direct from the public are not accepted and they will refer people to their congressional office or local library. Selected reports have been made available on the web by various organizations.

See also: GAO (General Accounting Office) Reports

CRS Reports from the Thurgood Marshall Law Library

  • Extensive collection of CRS reports; scroll down to browse by subject

University of North Texas CRS Reports (Browse reports)

Search for:

CRS Reports from the State Department (Foreign Relations)

CRS Reports on Science - Federation of American Scientists

Agriculture & Food Issues - National Agricultural Law Center

CRS Reports
It’s not perfect, but you can find a wide variety of CRS reports on the US House of Representatives Web site. Do a search for CRS and [keyword].
ex: crs and medicare or crs and acorn

CRS Reports from Gallagher Library, University of Washington
Meta-site: They link to other providers of CRS reports.

CRS Reports on the Environment - National Council for Science & the Environment

EveryCRS.comEvery CRS available on Congress's internal website. Users browse by search topic or keyword. 

CRS Reports on Global Security -

  • Selected listing of reports on the environment, foreign relations, the military, space, science and the U.S. Government with links.


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