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Databases and Subject Area Resources: Health Data Resources


This Web site has been designed to provide a comprehensive collection of links to publicly available health and health determinants data down to the county level (or better whenever possible) for the state of Texas from reliable and authoritative providers of information.  There are also links to sites that cover the U.S. so if you need a state other than Texas, you may very find a good source of data here.

The research shows that the health of an individual and of a population are dependent on several factors (determinants of health). Therefore, this site provides links not only to data sources for health outcomes (Cause of Illness or Cause of Death), but also to resources that provide data on these health determinants.

These Web pages can serve as a guide for you and your staff, as well as your community members-- anyone who needs health data for their community or their Texas county.

This symbol indicates that the resource provides data only for Texas.

If there is no symbol, the resource provides data for all US states including Texas.

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