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Guides to SPH Library Resources: Refworks for Word 2016 on Windows or Mac

Using Word 16 with RefWorks

There are 2 RefWorks add-ins that can be incorporated into Microsoft Word: Write N Cite and Refworks Citation Manager. Users with Windows operating systems can install either add-in with Microsoft Word 2016. However, Mac users with Word 2016 will have to install RefWorks Citation Manager. Write N Cite will not install on a Mac that is running Microsoft Word 2016.  RefWorks has since released a compatible version of their Word add-in, but it can only be installed via the Microsoft Add-In Store.

Refworks Citation Manager

In Microsoft Word 2016, under the "Insert" ribbon area, locate and click the "Store" button:

In the pop-up window, type "RefWorks" in the search box:

Click the "Add" button in the search results page:

Then on the right pane of Word 2016, log in to your RefWorks account:

You should see all the references in your account:

To insert a reference to your manuscript, simply mouse over the reference, and click the "Cite this" button.