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Excel Workbooks for Systematic Reviews & Corresponding Handouts: Excel Workbooks for SRs

This guide will walk you through the steps of documenting searches, search results, citation screening decisions, and article review decisions.

Excel Workbooks for Systematic Reviews

Workbooks for 3 SR participants are coming December 1st! See the announcement below.

The Excel Workbooks enable you to document all of your searches and results (both database and non-database), calculate Cohen's kappa, screen titles & abstracts (1 or 2 people); and record full text decisions. The last worksheet in the PRIMARY workbook contains a PRISMA flowchart.

If you discover a problem with a formula, you have a question on how to use the workbook, or you have a suggestion for improvement, please contact Helena VonVille: helena.m.vonville at or by phone: 713-500-9131.

Be sure you DOWNLOAD (i.e. SAVE AS) each workbook before opening. The filename is sometimes corrupted if you go straight to opening the workbook.

Creative Commons License Excel Workbooks for Systematic Reviews by Helena M. VonVille are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Excel Workbooks for 3 People

Coming December 1!

The Excel workbooks are being modified to support up to 3 people in a systematic review. 

If there is only 1 person, use the PRIMARY workbook for all data.

There are many enhancements in the new workbooks:

  • Tailoring for individual screeners and reviews
  • 3 options for 3 screeners/3 reviewers;
  • The ability to use the literature search worksheets as a standalone tool.

If you would like to help test the new workbooks, feel free to contact Helena VonVille.