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Search Filters for Various Databases: Search Filter Topics

This resource has search filters for different study types organized by interface and database. Make sure you choose the correct one! For example, you can't use the Ovid Medline interface to search PubMed!

Study Type / Level of Evidence / Question

Several trusted groups have developed filters to narrow search results by methodology, publication type or question category (therapy, diagnosis, etiology, prognosis, clinical prediction guides).


Conditions & Clinical Speciality

Several trusted groups have developed filters to focus search results on particular conditions.

Subject Matter

Climate Change in OVID: Copy and paste into the Medline search box:

carbon cycle/ or carbon sequestration/ or climate change/ or global warming/ or droughts/ or El Nino-Southern Oscillation/ or floods/ or greenhouse effect/ or Arctic amplification or Arctic shrinkage or carbon footprint or carbon offset or carbon sequestration or carbon sink or carbon sinks or (chlorofluorocarbon* adj2 (release or concentration* or atmosphere*)) or (climate adj2 (change or model?ing or predict* or resilience or sensitivity)) or deglaciation or desertification or disaster risk* or drought or earth adj2 warming or El Nino or La Nina or emissions reduc* or emissions trading or glacial retreat or global radiation or global temperature* or global warming or greenhouse effect or greenhouse gas or heat wave* or ice cap melt* or ice mass loss* or Kyoto Protocol or (ozone adj2 hole) or permafrost melt* or polar amplification or polar ice melt* or thermohaline circulation or sea ice shrinkage or sea surface warming or (( extreme or severe) adj2 (temperature* or weather* or storm*)) or wildfire* Notes: This hedge is not validated. This is a basic hedge that does not attempt to include the many biological and geophysical indicators of climate change (eg: species range expansion), or the specific socioeconomic impacts of climate change (eg: enviornmental refugees, crop failure, etc.)

Community- Based or Participatory Research in OVID

Community-Based Participatory Research/ or *Consumer Participation/ or (consumer or stakeholder* or community) adj2 ( activation or activated or oriented or driven or engage* or empower* or framework* or approach* or guidance or guide or implement* or involve* or participat* or partner* or research* or tool or toolkit* or technique*)