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Coronavirus Disease 2019

About this Guide

The UTHealth School of Public Health Library has created this guide of current and reliable resources about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. We will continue to monitor information sources for COVID-19 and update this guide, as appropriate. For up-to-date information about The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston's preparation and response to COVID-19, please see the UTHEALTH COVID-19 RESPONSE webpage and the UTHealth School of Public Health's COVID19 Updates webpage. 

Research Trends

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This site is updated and organized daily  around trending articles, topics, news about research, quotes, and top researchers.

Tracking The Pandemic: How Quickly Is The Coronavirus Spreading State By State?

Coronavirus State-By-State Projections: When Will Each State Peak?


State of Texas Coronavirus Response

Governor Abbott's Proactive Response To COVID-19

Executive Orders

Relating To Travel Quarantines
Executive Order 20
ASL Executive Order 20

Amending Hospital Capacity
Executive Order 19
ASL Executive Order 19

Announcing Phase One To Open Texas
Executive Order 18
ASL Executive Order 18

Establishing Strike Force to Open Texas
Executive Order 17
ASL Executive Order 17

Reopening Select Services
Executive Order 16
ASL Executive Order 16

Loosening Restrictions On Surgeries
Executive Order 15
ASL Executive Order 15

Essential Services
Executive Order 14
ASL Executive Order 14

Mandating Quarantine For Certain Road Travelers
Executive Order 12
ASL Executive Order 12

County And Municipal Jail Detention
Executive Order 13
ASL Executive Order 13

Mandating Quarantine For Certain Air Travelers
Executive Order 11
ASL Executive Order 11

COVID-19 Reporting
Executive Order 10
ASL Executive Order 10

Increasing Hospital Capacity
Executive Order 09
ASL Executive Order 09

Mitigating COVID-19 Spread
Executive Order 08
ASL Executive Order 08

Current Scientific Information

International, Federal, State and Local Government Resources



Animate spread of COVID19 accessible at:

This Week in Virology - Latest COVID-19 Podcast

Houston News;COVID19