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Behavioral Science: Home

Behavioral science is a broad field that encompasses the study of human and animal behavior. It draws on a variety of disciplines, including psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology, and biology, to understand how people think, feel, and act.

Try These First

These databases are excellent resources, especially when you are beginning your research.

Database Searching

Boolean Operators

Many catalogs and databases allow the user to put a search string together using the boolean operators AND, OR, or NOT.

  • AND - combines search terms so that each search result contains all of the terms. For example,stereotyping AND prejudice finds articles that contain both terms.
  • OR - combines search terms so that each search result contains at least one of the terms. For example, stereotyping OR prejudice finds results that contain either term.
  • NOT - excludes terms so that each search result does not contain any of the terms that follow it. For example, stereotyping NOT prejudice finds results that contain the term stereotyping but not the term prejudice.


In many catalogs and databases, truncation is represented by an asterisk (*). To use truncation, enter the root of a search term and replace the ending with an *.  

For example, type behav* to find the words behave, behavior, behaviour, behavioral, behaviorism, etc..


Selected Reference Materials

Selected Journals

 Addictive Disorders & Their Treatment  A quarterly international journal devoted to practical clinical research and treatment issues related to the misuses of alcohol and licit and illicit drugs and the study and treatment of addictive disorders and their behaviors.