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Free Online Databases & Journals: If you are in the US

This page contains links to online databases and ejournals or ejournal collections that are available for free.

Access to research from your local public library

Many local public libraries in the US, especially those in large urban areas, have excellent access to a full range of databases with full text journal articles.  If you are not part of a large university, check with your library to see what they have. 

Emergency Preparedness

Do you know how to communicate an emergency to the public as a health official? 

Take a look at CDC's site First Hours: Resources for training, messages, scripts, and message templates to help guide you through the first days or so of an emergency response.

Free online databases

While these online databases are free, there is no guarantee that the resources (such as journal articles) are also free.

eJrnl & eBook collections that are publicly accessible