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Use RefWorks to Track & Remove Duplicates: Internal Duplicates Checking

In this guide you will learn how to search for internal and external duplicates, remove them, and record in the Excel workbook.

Steps to Find and Remove Internal Duplicates

**  Remember-- internal duplicates are those duplicates imported from a single database.

** Don't import multiple times from the same database! You need to develop a single "perfect" search and import only once.
****  The only exception to this rule is if you have an alert set so that you receive updates throughout the SR process.  Then you import only the new items.

Internal duplicates1.  In RefWorks, click on the Organize & Share Folders Tab.

2.  Find the folder in which you need to check for internal duplicates

3.  To the right of it is a plain folder and a folder with an arrow.  Put your mouse over the plain folder.





 Internal duplicates- choose close or exact



4.  Scroll down the list to Find Duplicates.

5.  Click on Exact Duplicates in this Folder first.







Exact internal dups

6.  You still need to review the exact duplicates! Don't just hit the big red X to delete checked items

7.  If the items don't appear in the correct order, change the Sort by order to Default.

8.  The item that is checked is what will be deleted.  If the box next to an item is checked as is the matching duplicate, uncheck the 2nd box of the pair.

9.  Once you have checked all items on the page, go back to the top of the list and double check that Selected is marked under References-->References to Use.

10.  Now you can click on the big red X





Delete exact internal duplicates

11.  You will be offered the opportunity to cancel deleting the items. If you have more than 50 items AND you customized your account to display 100 per page STOP. Hit cancel and scroll down to the page to see why there are more than 50 boxes checked for deletion.

12.  Delete References.









Excel exact internal duplicates deleted

13.  Immediately record the number deleted in the appropriate cell in your Excel SR workbook.

14.  Finish checking for exact internal duplicates.

15.  Record the data in the Excel SR workbook.





Internal close duplicates


16.  Now check for close internal duplicates following the same procedures outlined above.

17.  Pay close attention to the close duplicates!  They often are NOT duplicates-- i.e. they are FALSE POSITIVES.

  • In the example to the right, the first two items are duplicates so Ref ID #437 will be deleted.  But the next two items are not duplicates.  Ref ID #285 was checked but it should not be deleted so the check next to it was removed. 

18.  Delete the true duplicate and record the data in the Excel SR workbook.