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Information Resources for Community Health Workers: Learn About Your Neighborhood or County

Sources of Neighborhood Information

Health of Houston (UT School of Public Health)

Healthy Neighborhood Initiatives (St. Luke's Episcopal Health Charities)
Includes 11 Community Health Reports.

Census Data for Texas (US Census Bureau)
From this page you can select a county or a city and retrieve quick information about race/ethnicity, persons under 5 and over 65, quick business facts, and basic geographical data.

  • Census 2010 home
  • Interactive map
    Click on a tab at the top, then enter the name of a city and select the geography level you want on the left (try Census tract). You should have a patchwork-looking map. From there, select the Census tract of the area you want and click on it. Your data will appear.

CHARTing Health Information for Texas (University of Texas School of Public Health Library)
If you need to know health-related statistics, you should be able to find it here!