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SPH Library Resources: Fall 2023 Course Reserves

Fall 2022 Course Reserves

Fall  2023 Reserve List 

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PH1110  Health Prom. & Behav. Sci. in PH Marshall,Allison Nancy;Shay,Laura Aubree; Eugene; van den Berg;Fernandez, Alejandra Glanz,  Viswanath,. (2015). Health Behavior: Theory, Research and Practice. 5th Ed. Or previous ed. W 85 H432 2015

Electronic Version  Here

Electronic Version Here

Electronic Version  Here

PH1111 Health Prom. Theory and Methods Brown,Louis D  Glanz, K., Rimer, B.K., Viswanath, K. (2015). Health Behavior: Theory, Research & Practice. 5th Ed. Or prev ed. W 85 H432 2015 Electronic Version  Here
      Pertschuk, M (2010) The DeMarco Factor: Transforming Public Will   Electronic Version  Here
PH1112 HPBS Community Assess. Princ., Methods, and Techn. Hare-Everline,; Whigham Needs Assessment in Public Health: / Petersen;Alexander WA 20.5 P47 2001 Electronic Version Here
      Needs and Capacity Assessment Strategies For Health Education & Health Promotion- 4thed W 84.3 G486n 2012  
      Needs Assessment: An Overview Bridging the Gap Between Asset/Capacity Building and Needs
 by J. Altschuld
H 62 A4595 2015  
      MAPP User's Handbook   Electronic Version 
PH1113 Ad. Meth. for Planning & Implem. Health Prom. Programs Markham,Christine Margaret;Hernandez, Belinda Flores Bartholomew; Markham,; Ruiter; Fernandez; Parcel, GS. Planning Health Promotion Programs: An Intervention Mapping Approach, 4th ed, WA 590 P7123 2016 Electronic Version 
PH1118 Qualitative Research Methods Cuccaro,Paula M.; Shay,Laura Aubree; Brault,Marie A  Tracy, S.J.: Qualitative Research Methods: Collecting Evidence, Crafting Analysis, Communicating Impact, 2nd Edition. 2019 On Order  
PH1120 Program Evaluation

Peskin,Melissa Fleschler; Addy, Robert


Rossi, Lipsey & Freeman  Evaluation: A Systematic Approach (8th Ed). H 62 R666 2019 Electronic Version Available (1999)
      Campbell (2002). Experimental & Quasi-experimental Designs for Generalized Causal Inference (2nd ed). Q 180 A1 S52 2002  
PH1121 Advanced Quantitative Analysis Mantey, Dale Kleinbaum, Kuppper, Nizam, Rosenberg (2013) Applied Regression Analysis and Other Multivariable Methods  QA 278 K58 2014  
PH1122 Health Promotion Theories for Individuals and Groups

Wilkerson, Johnny Michael

Conner M & Norman P (Eds) (2015). Predicting and Changing Health Behaviour: Research and Practice with Social Cognition Models (3rd ed).  RA 776.9 P72 2015 Electronic Version Available
      Glanz,  Viswanath,. (2015). Health Behavior: Theory, Research and Practice. 5th Ed. Or previous ed. W 85 H432 2015

Electronic Version  Here

Electronic Version Here

Electronic Version  Here

      Williams JM & Colomb GG. (2012). Style: The basics of clarity and grace (4th ed.) PE 1421 W54 2015  
      The Handbook of health behavior change (5th edition).   Electronic Version Here
PH1130 Measurement Theory Timothy J Walker, PhD Streiner, & Norman,: Health measurement scales: A practical guide to their development . (Note: 3rd, 4th or 5th eds are acceptable) WA 900.1 S77 2015 Electronic Version  Here
      Bandalos, Deborah L. Measurement theory and applications for the social sciences   Electronic Version  Here
      DeVellis, Robert F. Scale development: Theory and applications. 2016. 3rd or 4th edition WM 20 D489s 2017 Electronic Version Here
PH1229/PH1231 Med. Therapy Simulation Lab Woods, Delores; Panho, Melissa Mahan,;Raymon;Krause; Krause's Food & The Nutrition Care Process 14th ed:  2017. Print. WB 400 K912 2021  
      Gottschlich MM (Ed. In Chief). (2017).  A.S.P.E.N. NUTRITION SUPPORT CORE CURRICULUM 3 Edition:   Electronic Version  Here
      Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Pocket Guide to Nutrition Assessment 3rd ed (2016).  Charney; Malone.  QU 39 C483a 2016  
      Food-Medication Interactions (18th edition) Zaneta M. Pronsky ;Crowe  QV 38 P76 2015  
PH1241 Disability and Public Health Grobe-Froehlich, Katherine Lollar, Horner-Johnson, & Froehlich-Grobe (2020). Public Health Perspectives on Disability   Electronic Version  Here
PH1321 Social Networks and Health Fujimoto,Kayo;Jones,Eric Conlan Valente, (2010). Social Networks and Health   Electronic Version Here
      Hanneman,& Riddle (2005). Introduction to Social Network Methods.   Electronic Version Here
      Prell, C. (2012). Social Network Analysis: 

HM 741 P74 2013

      Robins, G. (2015). Doing Social Network Research:    Electronic Version Here
      Lusher & Robins (2013). Exponential Random Graph Models for Social Networks:    Electronic Version Here
PH1420 Resrch Design for Behav. Sci. Burnett,Jason Lee; Ranjit,Nalini Shadish, W., Cook, T., & Campbell, D.  (2002). Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Generalized Causal Inference. Q 180 A1 S52 2002  
PH1431 Tools & Methods for Sys Reviews Patricia Dolan Mullen, Roisin P. Corcoran Higgins ;Green S (eds). Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions.  W 84.1 C663 2008 Electronic Version Here
      JBI Manual for Evidence Synthesis    Electronic Version Here
      Ellis, PD, 2010. The Essential Guide to Effect Sizes: Q 180.55 S7 E45 2010 Electronic Version Here
PH1435 Hlth Promo/Behav. Sci. Doct Caitlin C. Murphy Morrison; Papasian; Russell, 2012. Writing for Biomedical Publication: A Publication Guide for Biomedical Scientists WZ 345 R961 2010   
      Ross-Larson B. Edit Yourself:   PE 1408 R725 1996  
      Zieger M. Essentials of Writing Biomedical Research Papers (2nd ed.).  WZ 345 Z45 2000  
      Locke;Spirduso;Silverman. Proposals That Work Q 180.55 P7 L63 2014 Electronic Version Here
      Russell;Morrison 2016. The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook: NIH Version  W 20.5 R967g 2018  
PH1440 Proposal Writing for Health Prom. and Behav. Sci. Savas,Lara Staub Locke, Lawrence F, et al. (2014) Proposals that Work:  6thed.  Q 180.55 P7 L63 2014 Electronic Version Here
      Silvia, Paul J. (2019) How to Write a Lot:     Electronic Version Here

Dissem.& Implem.Rsrch & Pract

Fernandez;Hernandez; Brownson, & Proctor, (2018).
Dissemination and implementation research in health(2nd ed.).
W 20.55 T7 D613 2012 Electronic Version Here
PH1498 Planetary Health Alexandra van den Berg, Planetary Health: Protecting Nature to/ Samuel Myers; Howard Frumkin   Electronic Version Here
PH1700 Intermediate Biostatistics ;Pérez,;Yang Fundamentals of Biostatistics, 8th ed. Rosner, QH 323.5 R674 2011  
      OpenIntro Statistics 4th Edition QA276.12 D539 2019 Electronic Version  Here
PH1820L Applied Linear Regression Maroufy,Vahed Applied Linear Statistical Models- 5 Ed/Kutner, Nachtsheim, Neter, Li. QA 278.2 A66 2005  
      Applied linear Regression models 4th edition, by  Kutner, Nachtsheim,  QA 278.2 K87 2004  
PH1830L Categorical Data Analysis Hu,Guanyu An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis, 2nd ed. Alan Agresti QA 278 A37 2007 Electronic Version Here
      Applied Logistic Regression 3rd Ed  ;Hosmer, Lemeshow, and  Sturdivant QA 278.2 H67 2013 Electronic Version Here
      Logistic Regression, A Self-Learning Text Kleinbaum  

Electronic Version Here

Electronic Version Here

      Categorical Data Analysis, 3rd ed. QA 278 A353 2012  
      Regression Modeling Strategies: , 2nd ed Frank Harrell   Electronic Version Here
PH1831 Survival Analysis Li,Ruosha Survival Analysis:  J.P. Klein and M.L. Moeschberger, 2nd Ed WA 950 K53 2003

Electronic Version Here

Electronic Version Here

PH1835 Statistical Methodology in Clinical Trials Yamal,Jose Miguel Fundamentals of Clinical Trials, 5th Ed,Friedman, Furberg, DeMets,  W 20.5 F69 2010 Electronic Version Here
      Introduction to Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials/Cook , DeMets, WA 950 C771 2008 Electronic Version Here
PH1861 Meta-Analysis Stacia De Santis Higgins JPT, Green S  Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions   Electronic Version Here

Ellis, PD, 2010. The Essential Guide to Effect Sizes

Q 180.55 .S7 E45 2010 Electronic Version Here
      Practical Meta-analysis HA 29 L56 2001 Electronic Version Here
PH1910 Prob. & Distribution Theory Chan,Wenyaw Casella, G. and Berger, R. (2001). Statistical Inference. 2nd ed QA 276 C37 2002 Electronic Version Here
      Keener, R. Theoretical Statistics, Springer QA 276 C69 2000 Electronic Version Here
PH1912 Large Sample Theory Ruosha Li

A course in large sample theory, by Thomas S. Ferguson

QA 276.6.F46 2002  
      Elements of Large-Sample Theory, by Lehmann, E.L.   Electronic Version Here
PH1915L Linear Models I Lai,Dejian Linear Models in Statistics by Alvin C. Rencher WA 950 R425 2008 Electronic Version Here
      Linear Regression Analysis by George A.F. Seber and Alan J. Lee QA 278.2 S418 2003  
PH1975 Intro to Data Science Miao,Hongyu;Cao,Tru Hoang Python Data Science Handbook /  Jake VanderPlas   Electronic Version Here

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