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SPH Library Resources: Spring 2024 Course Reserves Cont

Spring 2024 Course Reserves CONT

Spring 2024  Reserve List 

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PH2108 Applied Epidemiological Analysis Jenil Patel, Checkoway H, Pearce NE, Kriebel D.
Research Methods in Occupational Epidemiology. Second Edition.
                                                          WA 400 C42 2004 Electronic Version Here
PH2110 Public Health Ecology & the Human Environment Smith, Mary Ann Frumkin, H. “Environmental Health: From Global to Local”, 3rd Ed 2016. WA 30 E96  2016 Electronic Version Here
PH2135 Risk Analysis - Principles and Practice Karla S. Mendez Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) Wiki. East Lansing, MI: Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment.   Electronic Version Here
      Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (2nd edition). Charles N. Haas, Joan B. Rose & Charles P. Gerba (ed.) John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2014.   Electronic Version Here (Log in Using OpenAthens)
PH2245 Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene Wei-Chung Su, The Occupational Environment - Its Evaluation &Control, and Management – Third Edition. WA 440 O143 2011  
PH2271 Total WorkerExperience David Gimeno Hudson ;Nigam; Sauter; Chosewood Total Worker Health. July 2019.   Electronic Version Here
PH2496 EHGES ILE: David Gimeno,  PhD Evidence-Based Public Health 3rd Ed, by Brownson; Baker, Deshpande; Gillespie. WA 100 E94 2018 Electronic Version Here
PH2612/ PH2615/PH2710 Ep. I/II/III/IV

Harrell,Melissa;Essigmann, Heather; Sullivan, Samaah; Cannell,Michael Bradley; Lee, Miryoung; Chen, Han; 

Gordis Epidemiology, 6th Ed., by David D Celentano & Moyses Szklo. Elsevier, 2018   Electronic Version 
      Gordis L. Epidemiology. 5th edition, WA 105 G67 2014 Electronic Version Here
      What the Eyes Don’t See WA 689 H24w 2018

Electronic Version Here

Electronic Version Here

      Epidemiology- Beyond the Basics. 3rd edition. Sudbury, MA: 2012 WA 105 S99 2014

Electronic Version  Here

Electronic Version Here

      Rothman K. Epidemiology: An Introduction. 2nd edition. WA 105 R674 2012  
      Modern Epidemiology WA 105 R68 2021

Electronic Version Here

Electronic Version Here

      A Short Introduction to Epidemiology, Neil Pearce, 2nd Ed.   Electronic Version Here
      The Book of Why; Pearl Q 175.32. C38 P43 2018


      R for Epidemiology;. Cannell,   Electronic Version Here
PH2725 Neuroepidemiology Myriam Fornage, PhD Neuroepidemiology: From Principles to Practice   Electronic Version Here
PH2795 Disease Detectives Fisher-Hoch Field Epidemiology (3rd ed) by Mike Gregg. WA 950 F53 2008

Electronic Version Here

Electronic Version Here

PH2800 Tropical Infectious Disease Eric L. Brown, Ph.D. Parasitic Diseases, 6th Ed., Dixon WC 695 D47 2005

Electronic Version Here

Electronic Version Here

Electronic Version Here (TMC)

PH2845 Nutritional Epidemiology Otto,Marcia C. De Oliveira Walter Willett. Nutritional Epidemiology. 3rd Edition, 2013  QU 145 W54 2013 Electronic Version Here
PH2970 Foundations of Public Health Genetics de Vries,Paul Stefan Medical Genetics” by L.B. Jorde, J.C. Carey, M.J. Bamshad QZ 50 J82m 2010 (4th ed) 6th ed. Is online Electronic Version Here
PH2996 EHGES  John R. Herbold,
  Evidence-Based Public Health 3rd Ed, by Brownson;  2017.
WA 100 E94 2018 Electronic Version Here
PH2998 Seminar – Gun Violence and PH in the US Harold W. (Bill) Kohl;Steven H. Kelder, MPH, Too Many Times by M. House    Electronic Version Here
      The Second Amendment: A Biography by M. Waldman   Electronic Version Here
PH3720 Healthcare Finance Harrison, Christian Deanne Reiter, K. L. & Song, P. H. (2018). Gapenski’s Fundamentals of Healthcare Finance (3rd ed.)    Electronic Version Here
PH3735 Healthcare Strategic Management Gemeinhardt, Gretchen Harrison, Jeffrey (2021). Essentials of Strategic Planning in Health Care (3rd edition preferred, although 2nd edition will work as well)   Electronic Version Here
PH3736 US Healthcare Payment Systems & Policy Gi. Raya, EdD, Understanding the U.S. Health Services System, 4th Ed (2010)  Barton W 84 AA1 B37 2010 Electronic Version Here
PH3738 Legal Issues in Healthcare
Phelps,Mark T;Walton,Gretchen
Harris, Dean M., Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Law & Ethics 4th W 32.5 AA1 H36 2014 Electronic Version Here
PH3743 Organizational and Management Theory Novikov,Zhanna Willman, Paul (2014). Understanding management: the social science foundations. Oxford:   Electronic Version Here
Org. Behav. and Human Resource Man. Health Serv. Organizations
Laura M. Uribarri,

Borkowski, Nancy & Messe, Katherine (2021). Organizational Behavior in Health Care. (4th Ed)

W 84.1 B734 2016 Electronic Version Here
      Fried, Bruce J & Fottler, Myron D. (eds.) (2011). Fundamentals of Human Resources in Healthcare   Electronic Version Here
PH3746 Evaluation & Improvement of Healthcare Quality Miguel Lozano, Six Sigma Memory Jogger II A Pocket Guide by Michael Brassard, Lynda Finn,   Not  Available  
PH3747 Healthcare Operations Management G. Raya, EdD, White, K & Griffith, JR (2015) The Well-Managed Healthcare
, 9th Ed.
W 84 AA1 G75 2019 Electronic Version Here
PH3815 Health Policy Analysis Rowan,Paul John Bardach E. A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving. 6th Edition. H97 B37 2020 Electronic Version Here
PH3915 Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Programs Lairson,David R;Rajan,Suja Sundara Swint,Michael Drummond, M.F.,  Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes. 4th  ed W 74 D77 2015 Electronic Version Here
      Getzen, TE. Health Economics and Financing. Wiley. 2010. W 74 G3945 2013  
      Haddix, A.C., Prevention Effectiveness: 2nd Ed WA 108 P7427 2003  
      Dolan Edwin G. Microeconomics, 6th Edition, 2016 HB 172 P53 2013 2016  
      . Applied Methods of Cost-effectiveness Analysis in Health Care   Electronic Version Here
PH3970 Doc. Diss. Prop in Man, Policy & Comm Health Rafael Samper-Ternen Proposals that work:guide for planning dissertations and grant proposals, 6th ed., by Locke, Spirduso, S.J. Silverman Q 180.55 P7 L63 2014 Electronic Version Here
      Bell, Deborah, Foster, Sharon L., and Cone, John D. (2019).  Dissertations and Theses from Start to Finish.  Third Ed. BF 76.5 C745 2006 Electronic Version Here
      Aday, Lu Ann & Cornelius, Llewellyn J. (2006).  Designing and Conducting Health Surveys:  A Comprehensive Guide.  Third Edition WA 20.5 A33 2006 Electronic Version Here
      Shadish, William R., Cook Thomas D., and Campbell, Donald T. (2001) Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs for Generalized Causal Inference Q 180 A1 S52 2002  
PH3998 Special Topics in Man., Pol. & Community: Global Pandemic Preparedness   Who’s in Charge; Leadership during Epidemics, Bioterror attacks and other Public health crisis    Electronic Version Here
      The Great Influenza, John M. Barry,   Electronic Version Here
      Public Health Management of Disasters:    Electronic Version Here
      The Sphere Project:humanitarian charter and minimum standards in disaster preparedness WA 295 S753 2003  
PH5500 Principles of Adult and Community Education for PH J. Michael Wilkerson Galbraith, M.W. (2004). Adult Learning Methods: A Guide for Effective Instruction (3rd edition) LC 5225. L42 A35 2004  
      Svinicki & McKeachie, / McKeachie’s Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers, 4th Edition (2014) LB 2331 M394 2014  
      Ambrose, S.A., Bridges, M.W., & Lovett, M.C. . How Learning Works: 7 Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching   Electronic Version Here
      Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed. WZ 345 P82 2020  
      Angelo, T.A. & Cross, K.P. (1993). Classroom Assessment Techniques 2nd ed. LB 2822.75 A54 1993  
      Bain, K. (2004). What the Best College Teachers Do. LB 2331 B124 2004  
      Freire, P. (1970). Pedagogy of the Oppressed. LB 880 F73 P4313 2000  
      Kasworm, C.E., Rose, A.D., & Ross-Gordon, J.M. (2010). Handbook of Adult and Continuing Education LC 5251 H28 2010  
      Kern, D.E., Thomas, P.A., & Hughes, M.T. (2009). Curriculum Development for Medical Education: A Six-Step Approach (2nd edition)   Electronic Version Here
      King, K.P. (2017). Technology and Innovation in Adult Learning   Electronic Version Here
      Nilson, L.B. (2003). Teaching at its Best: A Research-Based Resource for College Instructors (2nd edition LB 2331 N55 2016  
      Palmer, P.J. (1998). The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life   Electronic Version Here
      Rose, D.H. & Meyer, A. (2002). Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age On Order  
      Silberman, M. (1996). Active Learning: 101 Strategies to Teach Any Subject LB 1027.23 S556 1996  
      Morrison, G.R., Ross, S.M., Morrison, J.R., & Kalman, H.L. (2019). Designing effective instruction (8th edition) On Order  
      Knowles, M.S., Holton, E.F., Swanson, R.A., & Robinson, P.A. (2020). The adult learner: The definitive classic in adult education and human development (9th edition)   Electronic Version Here
PH5502 Preparing to Teach: Mentoring Future Community Hea J. Michael Wilkerson Palmer, Parker (2017). The courage to teach: Exploring the inner landscape of a teacher’s life,    Electronic Version Here


PH5015 Qual. Resch Methds



Leticia Gatus,  Nicole Hare-Everline, Allison N. Marshall, Belinda Reininger; Natalia Heredia


Tolley, (2016). Qualitative Methods in Public Health:A Field Guide for Applied Research. 2nd Ed.


On Order


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