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UTSPH Alumni Services: Home

This guide outlines access privileges available to UTSPH Library for SPH Alumni..

Licensing Stipulations & REMOTE Access

The UTHealth School of Public Health Library recognizes that many of our alumni wish to continue to use the  SPH Library collections and resources after graduation. Almost all of the Libraries' e-journals, e-books, and databases have restrictions on use and access that are specified in the licensing agreements signed by the library and the respective vendors. Off-campus access is restricted to UTHealth SPH faculty, students, and staff. Alumni have not been included as authorized users for remote access. 

UTHealth SPH alumni may:

  • Search the UTHealth SPH online catalog, Primo to locate and check out resources. 

  • Use our "Ask A Librarian" service for assistance.

  • Use UTHealth SPH Library guides to locate and search free online databases, journals and ebooks.

  • Come to the campus library to access the e-journals, e-books, and databases using your own laptop or on devices connected to the campus wifi network.

  • Photocopy, scan, and print resources.



Free Online Databases

eJrnl & eBook collections that are publicly accessible