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Project Planning for the Beginner: Planning, Data, Writing and Dissemination

This Sage Research Methods tool is designed for the first time researcher to guide you through your research project.


Preparation is vital when planning your research project. Take your time to do the job thoroughly. You should have timetabled things so that you can work systematically. Make sure that you are familiar with the research techniques you are going to use in order to collect your data. Be sure to record your data as it will be the product of your own primary research. When writing up your research, make sure that all of the elements you have assembled is coherent so that your research question is clear and  understandable. Once you have written your research, consider the number of ways to disseminate your research to ensure that it is usable by others. Here are some best practices  and links to help you plan your research.

What Are some Best Practices to Help Me Plan My Research

Before beginning your research

During the research phase  

Writing up your research

Once your research project is complete

Case Studies Showing How Methods Are Applied In Real Research Projects

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Which Stats Test

Knowing which statistical test to use to answer your question is tricky. Use this simple tool to help narrow down the options!



Podcasts present in-depth discussions which explore stories from the field, the challenges of social science research, and how we can understand the social world.

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