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Global Health: Global Burden of Disease

Global health is the health of the populations in the worldwide context; it has been defined as "the area of study, research, and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide."


Data Sets, Maps and Tools

  • CancerMondailFrom WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer, the website provides access to various databases containing statistics and other information on the occurrence of cancer worldwide.

  • CDC Sate Health Statistics : Search morbidity (disability or poor health) and mortality tables for selected diseases.

  • Demographic & Health (DHS) Surveys by Country​ : DHS surveys on health and population in developing countries. NOTE: not every country included here.

  • Dengue Map : Online tool from CDC, in collaboration with HealthMap, for displaying global dengue activity.

  • Design for Health : To accelerate the use of design in addressing global health challenges, the Gates Foundation and USAID’s Center for Innovation and Impact (CII) have partnered to develop resources to support the understanding, appropriate use, and effectiveness of design in global health.

  • Ebola Outbreak in West Africa — Outbreak Distribution Map : From the CDC

  • GBD Results Tool:  Allow users to query, view, and download, in CSV format, the following: Data input sources, Model input data and Estimates (final GBD results: the point estimates and 95% uncertainty intervals, where appropriate, for study indicators). 

  • LILACS (Latin American & Carribean Literature for the Health Sciences) :  Database of health sciences literature published in Latin American & Caribbean countries since 1982. Covers 670 of the most well-known biomedical journals and other documents, including theses, books, books chapters, conference proceedings, technical and scientific reports and governmental publications.

  • World Bank Data : Can search by country, topic (e.g. health), or indicator (e.g. mortality rate). All World Bank data is now freely available on the site.

Map: The burden of disease at a glance