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Global Health: Social Determinants

Global health is the health of the populations in the worldwide context; it has been defined as "the area of study, research, and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide."


Search Strategies

Suggested 'SUBJECT' terms to use when searching for books relating to Social Determinants of Health. 

  • Health Status Indicators
  • Public Health - Social Aspects
  • Public Health - Economic Aspects 
  • Social Medicine
  • Medical Policy - Social Aspects
  • Health Status Disparities

Internet Resources

  • CDC: Social Determinants of Health The social determinants of health are the circumstances in which people are born, grow up, live, work, and age, as well as the systems put in place to deal with illness. These circumstances are in turn shaped by a wider set of forces: economics, social policies, and politics
  • HealthyPeople.Gov: Social Determinants of Health Healthy People 2020 highlights the importance of addressing the social determinants of health by including “Create social and physical environments that promote good health for all” as one of the four overarching goals for the decade. This emphasis is shared by the World Health Organization, whose Commission on Social Determinants of Health in 2008 published the report, Closing the gap in a generation: Health equity through action on the social determinants of health. The emphasis is also shared by other U.S. health initiatives such as the National Partnership for Action to End Health Disparities and the National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy.
  • World Health Organization Social determinants of health The social determinants of health are the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. These circumstances are shaped by the distribution of money, power and resources at global, national and local levels.

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