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Quantitative & Biostatistical Tutoring Services: Welcome

Welcome to Quantitative & Biostatistical Tutoring Services at UTHealth SPH!

In Spring 2022, the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Services and the Department of Biostatistics and Data Science, in collaboration with the SPH Library & Graduate Communication Center, announced the creation of Quantitative & Biostatistical Tutoring Services (QBTS).

The overall goal of QBTS is to help students develop the quantitative reasoning and biostatistical skills that are foundational to the theory and practice of biostatistics. Specifically, QBTS provides tutoring services to students who are enrolled in Introduction to Biostatistics (PH 1690) and Intermediate Biostatistics (PH 1700), as well as to all students who need support in learning basic statistical/biostatistical concepts and performing basic statistical analyses using Stata.

To accomplish this goal, QBTS employs two highly qualified graduate assistants who work one-on-one with students in a typical tutoring-type setting. Students who need or want to improve their competency in quantitative reasoning and biostatistics are welcome to make appointments. Faculty are encouraged to refer students as well. Students can schedule an appointment with a QBTS tutor by clicking on the Fall 2023 QBTS schedule in the UTHealth SPH appointment system. For more information, email the SPH Library & Graduate Communication Center at

Quantitative & Biostatistical Tutoring Services Overview

Fall 2023 Term Hours

Tutoring services are offered Monday-Saturday, including mornings and evenings.

To view the Fall 2023 QBTS schedule, click here.

Before Your Meeting

You should be prepared with specific questions. For example:

  • How do I run an independent samples t-test?

  • What is the difference between non-parametric and parametric tests?

  • How do I code my outcome variable to run a logistic regression?

Additional Resources

The following links may supply useful information for quantitative assistance: