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Medical databases are organized collections of health data, stored electronically and accessible from a computer. Each serves a unique function, yet most are integrated and work together.


What is Shibboleth?

Shibboleth is an open source access management system that allows for information about identities to be provided from one organization to another without both having to manage identities. 

The University of Texas at Austin

For UTHealth School of Public Health (SPH) students, Shibboleth is the login to use for remote access to electronic resources. A user will be presented with the login below to access online resources licensed by SPH Library.


What is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is a user authentication system used to remotely access electronic resources provided by the Texas Medical Center (TMC) Library. UTHealth SPH students have full access to the electronic resources provided by the TMC Library and can use this sign-in to access online journals, articles, eBooks, and various databases. 

How to sign in with OpenAthens

To access electronic resources provided by the TMC Library there are a few steps for authenticating user access. For databases such as CINAHL, EBSCO databases, and PubMed: 

If a user is presented with this screen, begin typing "Texas Medical Center Library" under "Find your organization" and the Library's name should auto populate below the search bar. If this doesn't work try searching for "HAM" or "Houston Academy of Medicine."

A user will then be presented with: 

Select "University of Health Science Center at Houston." A user will then be prompted to login with UT credentials, which are the credentials used to login to a user's UT Health email as shown below:

Note: UTHealth users do not need to register for OpenAthens

For more information on OpenAthens please visit here.