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Medical databases are organized collections of health data, stored electronically and accessible from a computer. Each serves a unique function, yet most are integrated and work together.

What are subject headings?

Subject headings are index terms that are found in bibliographic records that describe what the resource is about

Looking for subject headings

Are anti-smoking campaigns effective interventions for e-cigarette use among high school students?
Look for subject headings that are equivalent to the concepts. The highlighted concepts above need to be searched for within the correct subject heading lists. Different databases may utilize different subject headings lists. Some databases have their subject heading lists built into their search engines, and others may link out of the main database to search for subject headings. 
                          anti-smoking campaigns e-cigarettes high school students

Smoking Prevention

Smoking Cessation

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems





Smoking Prevention 

Smoking Cessation

Electronic Cigarette  High School Student
CINAHL Smoking Cessation Programs Electronic Cigarettes Students, High School

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