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RefWorks: Intro to Refworks

Getting started with your RefWorks account

Intro to RefWorks


· RefWorks is a citation management software used for creating in-text citations and bibliographies for research papers;

· It does not require additional software;

· RefWorks is accessible from any computer connected to Internet;

· You can have multiple RefWorks accounts which is useful for group projects; and

· It is free to current SPH students, staff, and faculty as well as SPH alumni!


Getting Started

1. Go to the UTSPH Library Homepage

2. Click on the dropdown menu under Selected databases and choose Refworks (on & off campus). RefWorks will open in a new window.


What’s this????

We aren’t sure but it’s okay to click on Continue to this website (not recommended).


Note: If you don’t see University of Texas School of Public Health in the login window, click on

not my institution

You will be asked for a group code which can be found here UTSPH Group Code



Before you begin…..


Do you see this thin yellow bar?

Click anywhere on the yellow bar at the top of the page.

Select Display Blocked Content.

This will allow you to see the reCAPTCHA security text later when creating your new account.


Create an Account

To create your account



Click on Sign up for a New Account to create your own account.


Fill out Step 1: Account Information. 

You can use any email address you prefer.

RefWorks will by default enter your email address as your

Login Name.  You can change it if you prefer. 

If you are working on a group project, consider a name 

that everyone in the group can remember, ex. health_prom_obesity.

Create a password.

Keep your password simple— don’t use your UTHSC-H password as it changes every 90 days.

Consider using the password from your OvidSP account or other e-mail account if you have one.


SPH Library

Having technical difficulties? Contact the SPH Library at 713-500-9121 or