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RefWorks is a web-based tool that helps you manage your references.

Managing Citations

Getting the most out of RefWorks

For each research project or paper create a new Project in RefWorks. This helps to organize citations from the top-level to allow for easy managing, sharing, and access to citations. 

Creating Projects

To create a new project

1. Select the downward arrow next to the name of the current project at the top of the screen. Then select Manage projects...

2. On the Manage Projects page select Create a new Project

3. Enter a name for the project and select Save

Editing References

1. Select the reference you wish to edit. Select the pencil in the top right corner of the full reference pop-out.  



2. Make your desired changes, then click Save in the top right corner of the pop out. 

Deleting References

When you delete references from your account, they are automatically moved to the Deleted section on the left-hand side navigation bar. References in the Deleted folder will be automatically and permanently deleted after 30 days. You can also permanently delete files in the Deleted folder by selecting the files you want to permanently delete and clicking the Delete icon on the top toolbar. Selecting either Empty trash or Delete selected will permanently delete your selected files. 

You can restore references from the Deleted folder to your RefWorks account by selecting the reference you want to restore and selecting Undo button in the top toolbar. Any restored references will be returned to your account with any folder information, attachments and RefShare comments.