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RefWorks is a web-based tool that helps you manage your references.

Importing from PubMed

From PubMed 

1. After running a search in PubMed, a list of results will display as shown below. Select Send to as indicated by the arrow.

2. Select Citation manager


3. From the dropdown there are options:

  • All results on this page 
    • By default PubMed only displays 10 results per page
  • All results
    • Every citation in the list of results
  • Selection
    • Go through the results in PubMed and manually select the citations for the file

4. Select Create file 

5. In RefWorks select Add+ then select the option Import references   




6. Once you click Import, you will see the Import page to Drop file here or select a file from your computer   



7. To import a file directly into a specific folder, select the folder name from the Import Into Folder dropdown menu.