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RefWorks is a web-based tool that helps you manage your references.

Creating a bibliography from a folder

To create a bibliography from a specific folder:

  1. Select the references in the folder to add to the bibliography. If citations are not selected individually, the default is to add all citations in the folder to the bibliography.

  2. Click the Create Bibliography widget at the top of the toolbar. The user is then presented with 3 options: Create bibliography; Quick cite; or Citation Style Editor.

  3. Select Create Bibliography. The bibliography will be formatted in the last citation style used. The user can changed this by selecting a different citation style in the drop-down menu.

  4. Select the format for the bibliography in the dropdown menu. 

  5. Select Copy to Clipboard and copy and paste the bibliography into a document.

Note: To create/download a citation file of references go to the Share widget at the top of the toolbar and select Export references. The user will be presented with the option to either export the references that have been preselected or export all references in the folder. 

Citation Styles -- APA 7th edition

There are several versions of APA 7th edition to choose from in the list of citation styles RefWorks offers. Here is a video on how to choose which version is best suitable for your research needs.