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SPH Writing Support Services

Getting started with SPH Writing Support Services

Appointment System

The UTHealth School of Public Health Appointment System requires a one-time, quick-and-easy registration. After registering for an account, you can make, modify, or cancel an appointment online.

To register for an account, proceed to Register for a New Account. We require you to register using your UTHealth e-mail address ( If you already have an account, proceed to Make an Appointment

If you have questions or encounter glitches, please contact us at

Due to ongoing efforts to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission, we are still offering only ONLINE appointments for your safety and ours. We appreciate your understanding, and apologize for any inconvenience. Stay safe and healthy!

General Guidelines for Appointments

Note: You will initially be taken to the Standard Display, which allows you to quickly find and make appointments. However, you have the option to view the Calendar Display (via a link at the bottom of the Standard Display or by setting your preference in your profile), and can return to the Standard Display at any time using the "Appointment Search" option at the top of the Calendar Display.

To derive the maximum benefit from a writing appointment, follow these guidelines:

  1. Set realistic expectations for the amount of material you can cover in a 30-minute or 60-minute session. You can always schedule additional appointments to cover remaining material.
  2. Allow enough time before your appointment for your paper to be thoroughly read and critically reviewed. Thus, avoid making an appointment the day your paper is due. As a rule of thumb, for papers longer than 5 pages, allow at least 2 days for review, excluding the weekend.  
  3. When scheduling an appointment, upload your paper, as well as a copy of your assignment and grading rubric, if applicable, to the MYWCONLINE system or e-mail these files to your selected Writing Support Services team member.
  4. During your appointment, consider that the Writing Support Services team member will focus primarily on writing (form and style) and secondarily on subject matter (content). We recognize the inextricable relationship between content and form in writing, but we will refer you to your instructor, the subject-matter expert, for expert help on content.
  5. After your appointment, do not ask the Writing Support Services team member, “What grade would you give this paper?” We are not your instructor, so we cannot predict the final grade of your paper. Furthermore, although we will work with you to meet your instructor’s expectations, we cannot guarantee your paper will receive a high grade.