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SPH Writing Support Services

Getting started with SPH Writing Support Services

Using Active Learning and Flipping Courses

Designing Writing Assignments

1. Web sites on how to design writing assignments to elicit effective student writing: 

2. The Faculty Innovation Center at UT Austin offers QUICK FIC Solutions, "a curated toolkit for instructors," that includes teaching tips, learning tools, etc.

3. The HarvardWrites Instructor Toolkit is "a toolkit for assigning, teaching, and evaluating writing with in-class exercises to help students understand your feedback and improve their writing."  

4. The Consortium on Graduate Communication has created the following bibliography "to support instructors who are selecting textbooks or creating or revising curricula or materials for their graduate communication courses."

Responding to Student Writing

There are many approaches to commenting on student writing, with different effects on students and different requirements of faculty. Ideally, responding to student writing offers constructive feedback to students without being burdensome to faculty.

Web sites on how to respond to student writing:


Handouts & guides: