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CHARTing Health Information: Adolescent births

This Web site has been designed to provide a comprehensive collection of links to publicly available health and health determinants data. While the emphasis is on the state of Texas, there are links to sites that cover all of the U.S.

Key to the Texas symbol

This symbol indicates that the resource provides data only for Texas.

If there is no symbol, the resource provides data for all US states including Texas.

Adolescent Births Data Resources

Kids Count Data Center Health Outcomes
Produced by: Center for Public Policy Priorities
Geographic coverage: County level
Dates of coverage: Varies

Includes: Total teen births; Teen births to women who were already mothers; Births to females less than 20 years of age; Teen mothers ages 15 to 19; Teen births by age group;  Births to mothers with less than 12 years of education; Teen births by race

Vital Statistics Annual Reports Texas resources
Produced by: Texas Department of State Health Services
Geographic coverage: County level
Dates of coverage: 2001 - 2010

Geographic coverage: State level data Dates of coverage: 2001 - 2006

The Vital Statistics Annual Reports include both narrative text and data tables. Be sure you take a look at both components (if they are available) and not just the raw data.  The narrative provides a context for the data and highlights trends-- something the tables don't do.

The tables provide data by region and county and by race/ethnicity.

Figures and maps provide data by county.

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