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CHARTing Health Information: Crime & Criminal Justice Data

This Web site has been designed to provide a comprehensive collection of links to publicly available health and health determinants data. While the emphasis is on the state of Texas, there are links to sites that cover all of the U.S.

Crime/Criminal Justice Data

Crime in Texas Reports (State and county level data; 1999 to 2010)

Data Book (Dept. of Family and Protective Services; county and state level data; 1986 to 2009)
Includes data on the number of cases of child abuse investigated by county as well as elder abuse.

Uniform Crime Reports & Crime in the United States (Federal Bureau of Investigations)

State of the Cities Data System (SOCDS) (Housing & Urban Development; 1970's through 2003)
This interactive site provides information on:

A Portrait of Prisoner Reentry in Texas (Urban Institute; 2004 report)
"A Portrait of Prisoner Reentry in Texas is part of a larger Urban Institute initiative entitled Returning Home: Understanding the Challenges of Prisoner Reentry. The purpose of Returning Home is to develop a deeper understanding of the reentry experiences of returning prisoners, their families, and their neighborhoods. ...This research project involves interviews with state prisoners before and after their release from state correctional facilities, interviews with ex-prisoners' family members, focus groups with residents in neighborhoods to which many prisoners return, analysis of extant data on local indicators of community well-being, and interviews with community stakeholders."

TX Dept. of Criminal Justice Statistics and Publications covering:

  • Annual Reports
  • Death Row Information
  • Business & Finance
  • Health Services
  • Injuries per month 
  • Safe Prison Reports
  • Unit Profiles

TX Juvenile Justice Department

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Last updated 4/1/2020