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CHARTing Health Information

This LibGuide has been designed to provide a comprehensive collection of links to publicly available health and health determinants data. While the emphasis is on the state of Texas, there are links to sites that cover all of the U.S.

Housing data

Income Limits
Produced by: US Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Geographic coverage: MSA and county level
Dates of coverage: 1990 to current

Select: At the HUD site, select the year you would like to view. Click on Texas, then open the PDF file.

Includes: These reports show the income limits for housing assistance as set forth by Section 3 of the U.S. Housing Act of 1937. Assistance is based on a formula which defines low income and very low income. 

Other Information: Each MSA shown indicates 30% of median, very low income, and low income.

American Housing Survey
Produced by: US Census Bureau & Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Geographic coverage: MSA and national level
Dates of coverage:

Create Tables: 2011-current

Select: Select the year you would like to view.

Includes: Size (number of stories) and composition of the housing inventory, water leakage, and external building conditions, heating- and cooling- degree days and fuels, financial characteristics (monthly housing costs), neighborhood quality (presence or
lack of crime, litter, or housing deterioration), repairs and mortgages, rent control and rent subsidies, why people moved out of their last dwelling, commutes to work.

Other Information: These are very large data sets and require SAS or other statistical program to manipulate. These can also be downloaded into an Excel file.

HUD Data Sets
Produced by: US Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Geographic coverage: Varies by data set
Dates of coverage:

There is an extensive collection of reports and data sets, including income limits, rent adjustment factors, program participation data, and HUD sponsored research studies data.

New Residential Construction
Building Permits

Produced by: US Census Bureau
Geographic coverage: State, County, and MSA
Dates of coverage: 1996 to current minus 1-2 months

Permits by State 
Permits by Metropolitan Area 
Permits by County or Place 

Select: On the left, choose the geographic region you want or select New Residential Construction or Building Permits to see additional reports that can be created.


Other Information: You can do a comparison between types of structures and geography as well as between time periods.

Last updated: 3/6/2017