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CHARTing Health Information: Hospital Utilization Data

This Web site has been designed to provide a comprehensive collection of links to publicly available health and health determinants data. While the emphasis is on the state of Texas, there are links to sites that cover all of the U.S.

Key to the Texas symbol

This symbol indicates that the resource provides data only for Texas.

If there is no symbol, the resource provides data for all US states including Texas.

Hospital Usage

Texas Health Care Information Collection 
Produced by: Texas Department of State Health Services
Geographic coverage: Hospital level; MSA level
Dates of coverage: Current

Preventable Hospitalizations 
Produced by: TX Department of State Health Services
Geographic coverage: State level, county level
Dates of coverage: Compiled 2006-2011

 The preventable hospitalization conditions were selected by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

HCUP Hospitalizations
Produced by: US Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality
Geographic coverage: State level, National level
Dates of coverage: 1993 to present

There are many options from which to choose at this site including National Statistics on All Stays and State Statistics on All Stays. Regardless of which you chose, be sure to select Researcher, Medical Professional when asked.

You can view statistics by specific diagnoses but you will need to know the ICD-9-CM codes: 630-679 (Complications of pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium); 740-749 (Congenital anomalies); and 760-779 (Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period)). HCUP wants a 4-digit code. If you want all examples of complications of pregnancy, enter: 6300-6379, then specify you want the diagnoses listed separately.

For broad classifications, consider looking at data by CCS categories. There is a listing of the ICD-9 codes that are encompassed by each CCS categories. Childbirth and complications from childbirth can be found in categories 177-196.

See the description of the State Inpatient Database to learn more about data elements in the SID as well as how the SID can be used.